About Us

Whether it’s a busy day at the office, exam week at school, a hard day on the job, or workouts with the team, staying hydrated is a daily necessity for all people.
Did you know that half of adults in the United States don’t drink the recommended 1-2 ounces of water per every pound you weigh. The reasoning behind that is simple. Everyone is busy! We’re all hustling, bustling, and grinding on a daily basis, so who has time to manually track how much water they're drinking?
We wanted to make daily hydration easier than ever with our smart hydration products. As someone who struggled with hydration before athletic competitions, I wanted to create something easy to use, reusable, accessible, and affordable in the current market of smart hydration. We have many projects planned for the future, but we are glad to have the ability to share what we have so far with you all. We are extremely thankful for your support and look forward to having you join the
D R I N K S M A R T Family.
Sean Rugless
Drink smarter with D R I N K S M A R T